George Dickel No. 8

1.75L Bottle

    40% Alcohol
    Tullahoma, Tennessee
    Product Description

    George Dickel No. 8 Classic Recipe Tennessee Whiskey brings depth, range and personality with bold flavors and a remarkably smooth finish. Our 80 proof Whiskey contains a signature balance of light caramel, maple and wood flavors with a long, smoky finish. Following a chilled charcoal-mellowed style, this process is what makes this specific blend so unique. With its complex flavor and finish, our Classic Recipe Tennessee Whiskey is perfect for sipping on its own or adding a delicious kick to your favorite cocktail. Please drink responsibly.

    Serving Suggestion : Simply pour in a highball glass over ice, mix with soda and garnish with a lemon slice for a refreshing tasting Dickel Highball.