Blackened 72 Seasons Blended Whiskey

750ml Bottle

    Sweet Amber Distilling Co.
    45% Alcohol
    Mineville, New York
    Product Description

    Blackened 72 Seasons Blended Whiskey is an award-winning whiskey that is a blend of the finest straight bourbon and rye whiskeys and uniquely finished and sonically- enhanced in brandy casks, using the Black Noise trademarked process to extract more flavor from the wood. The Founding Master Distiller Dave Pickerell envisioned the original recipe. Blackened Whiskey is now crafted and propelled onward by category disruptor and Master Distiller and blender Rob Dietrich.

    Blackened 72 Seasons Blended Whiskey celebrates Metallica's much anticipated new album with the Limited Edition 72 Seasons Batch using the new album in the sonic-enhancement process. This limited edition bottle highlights elements inspired by the album, including a striking yellow capsule with the signature Metallica M and the 72 Seasons logo prominently displayed on the front of the bottle.

    Tasting Notes

    Aroma: Burnt caramel, oak, and honey.

    Palate: Honey, cinnamon, allspice, dark fruit, clove and mint.

    Finish: Long and smooth, slightly creamy with hints of butterscotch taffy, maple, and honey.